Save Lives – Donate to the Salaam Foundation Search & Rescue Team

Salaam Foundation is in the process of building a search and rescue team known as the SFSR. This team of young men will be deployed at the time of need to extreme rescue operations as well as the general humanitarian work of Salaam Foundation when the time arises.

As a result of global instability, severe weather calamities and natural disasters, there has been a growing need to prepare our capacity to respond to these situations.

The team requires highly specialised equipment for urban, mountain and forest as well as water rescue missions. This is a unique and great way of earning ongoing reward by making a sadqah or lillah contribution.

You may contribute on your own behalf or on behalf of a loved one who may be alive or deceased.

We can even send you an electronic gift card that you can use to notify the person on whose behalf you have made a donation for.

Do an online contribution by typing the letters SFSR in the notes.

Or EFT directly to:

Salaam Foundation

FNB 62669147665

Branch 250 737


Swift code: FIRNZAJJ


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