About 70 per cent of Malawi’s population currently lives below the $2.15 international poverty line with about 46 per cent of its national income being held by the top 20 per cent of the population.

It is currently rated by the World Bank as the 4th poorest country in the world.

The country has recently experienced powerful and damaging cyclones along with heavy flooding that has left much infrastructure destroyed.

The price for every day commodities such as cement and even maize is out of the reach of the poorest of the poor.

During Ramadhan Salaam Foundation will be providing food parcels to vulnerable communities to ease their plight during the holy period. Zakat, sadaqa and lillah is accept. Kindly type your intention in the notes when making a donation.

Throughout the year Salaam Foundation digs wells in some of the most remote areas. These simple bucket and rope wells become a source of life as people have clean water to drink, irrigate their crops and feed their animals.

These wells currently cost R14 000 and can be done during the month of Ramadan or any other time in the year.

Donate using the online Payfast portal or directly through EFT:
Salaam Foundation
FNB 62 66 9147 665
Branch 250737
Ref: Mal + your name + water (zakat/lillah/sadqa)



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