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We are focused on the areas

of greatest need, on the ways in

which we can do the most good.

Salaam Foundation, is a humanitarian and development organisation and operates and is a registered as Non- Profit Company in South Africa (Registration no: 2016/164270/08). We have independent auditors and they can be contacted at

We believe that all costs form part of the project and allow for the work to reach completion. Funds are used in the investigation, acquisition, delivery and report back mechanisms of an entire project.

Donors to Salaam Foundation, through intention, appoint the Salaam Foundation team as their unfettered representatives to distribute their contributions (Zakaat, Lillah, Sadaqah etc).

We will endeavour to spend your donation in the specified country/project. However, in cases of difficulty to practically spend in that country/project, or if surplus funds remain, your donation will be spent on other charitable projects. This is our condition for accepting and distributing your donations.

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Salaam Foundation

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Ref: SA/YEM/SYR + your name (Zakat/Lillah/Sadaqa)

Say hello to our team

Azhar Vadi

Director Salaam Foundation

Azhar, the founder of Salaam Foundation, started off his career as a young, man pushing a baby pram selling face creams from door-to-door in his South African neighbourhood of Lenasia. While completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies he found a job as a news reporter at a local community station where he engaged primarily in developmental journalism. As a budding journo he travelled to Gaza with the Gift of the Givers, a leading South African humanitarian aid organisation, in the aftermath of the 2009 war where he got his first taste of humanitarian work and journalism. His next move saw him appointed as the head of news at Cii Broadcasting where he covered general news and conflict zones in South Africa’s protesting townships. In 2012 he became the first South African journalist to travel to cover the war conflict in Syria. He has subsequently lead humanitarian aid deliveries to refugees who have fled the fighting. In December 2015 he left the comfort zone of formal employment and set out on a new trajectory bringing the concept of humanitarian journalism to the South African media landscape, under the auspices of Salaamedia, in which he was a co-founder and director. Since August 2020 he has narrowed his field of operation, resigning from the media space to spend more time in development and charitable projects through Salaam Foundation. He has had untold, silent support from trusted friends and hopes that the blossoming of this project will be a form of gratitude to their contributions.

Fatima Sookharia

Director Salaam Foundation

Zaheer Pahad

Director Salaam Foundation

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