#FarmingHope Project For Syrian Refugees

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Salaam Foundation | 8 March 2022

A team from humanitarian aid organisation, Salaam Foundation, accompanied by Ustadha Zaahira Karrim of Ummah Heart Madressa, recently returned from a trip to the Turkish border to assist Syrian refugees.

The group has been consistently working with women and children affected by the ongoing 11 year war.
Millions of people have been displaced and forced to live in refugee camps as a result of the fighting between the government, rebel groups and various international players.

“Women and children are the worst affected and are the real casualties of war,” said Salaam Foundation director, Azhar Vadi. “We have been consistently helping and assisting these people to overcome the huge challenges they face.

Salaam Foundation has built homes for at least 30 families as well as seeing to the everyday needs of 100 orphan families.

They also support 175 children with their primary education needs. “The kids are taught life skills, and good character along with normal education. The reason is because many are traumatised and in order to have a functioning society in the future, the children, especially orphans need to have good character. We want to have kind and caring humans in the future,” said Vadi.

Salaam Foundation has sent out an appeal to support their upcoming projects which include farming and sustainable growth.

“We need to work for the long term benefit of people and therefore we will continue to focus on children as well as farming so people can produce their own food. This is a great opportunity especially since the month of Ramadan is approaching. Please make your donations to:
Salaam Foundation
FNB 62669147665
Branch 250737
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