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Azhar Vadi | Salaam Foundation| 12 August 2020

With the war in Syria closing in on ten years – everyone 9 years old and younger – every single Syrian child, has only ever known the ravages of war. It is almost impossible to quantify from among the hundreds of thousands if not millions, how many of these, are orphaned children.

From a list of vulnerable persons group in ghastly situations such as war ravaged Syria, children without parental structures are often the most helpless.

The abuses they could endure are innumerable; from being used as child soldiers, to child labour, to child sex slaves, anything is possible. And even if these children do not end up being directly abused by one-or-the-other protagonist in these wars, they undoubtedly will suffer the pangs of poverty, hunger, the lack of education and healthcare and the loving touch that every child so desperately needs.

It is often care centres and orphanages that then spring up to fulfill the roles left void by parents who have either been imprisoned, killed or too impoverished to continue to look after their kids and therefore leave them abandoned.

When the news cycle is in full swing and aid agencies are rushing to the scene responding to the mass media appeals, these orphanages usually manage to attract the support needed in order for them to survive on.

However, when this dies down and the camera attention and mikes moves to the next big humanitarian scene, these very centres begin to struggle under the weight of sustainable support requirements.

Caring for children without parents is not a one day hamper distribution. It is not about a single stationery or school shoe handout project. It is continuous, everyday help. It is food, clothing, education, health, security, care-giving, hygiene, love and a total life support strategy. And this is the annual task we have embarked on at the Elhayr Orphanage for Syrian kids.

This why we need your continuous support. The numbers have now increased to 98 children and some mothers. Will they ever know where the resources came from to help them through these devastating circumstances? Probably not. The likelihood of them ever knowing even us at Salaam Foundation is slim.

But will your support be changing their lives forever? Most definitely so.

This is why we have taken on this task of supporting the Elhayr Orphanage on an annual basis. Together can build a better future.

To be part of this campaign, donate to:
Salaam Foundation
FNB 62669147665
Branch 250 737
Ref: Syr + name (Zakat/lillah/sadaqa)

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