Lesotho Food, Farming, Skills and Musallah

Establishing long term, sustainable programmes to assists communities and break the cycle of poverty is what we focus on at Salaam Foundation.

In Lesotho this is exactly our goal and aim as we go about building a skills training centre while supporting a local farming project.

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15 September 2022

The mountain kingdom of Lesotho, tucked away within the borders of South Africa, rarely receives any attention or consideration politically, economically and most certainly from a humanitarian perspective.

Just south of the capital city, Maseru, Salaam Foundation has been hard at work alongside Sheikh Moosa Pitso, in establishing a skills training centre, feeding centre and place of prayer.

Sheikh Moosa is the father of Majida Pitso, the kind soul who managers the Al Mubarak Centre in Grasmere, Gauteng supported by Salaam Foundation.

Sheikh Moosa has made it his dream to work in the place of his birth and establish a vibrant community. He has 6 hectares of and and has already started a planting and farming project.

At Salaam Foundation our key work is in the agricultural sector.

Phase 1 of our project has been to set up the skills centre, provide electricity and create a place for the local women of the community to use as a point of production for their indigenous crafts.

Phase 2 will include the delivery of a range of mechanized equipment in order to turn the land into a profitable farming prospect and create the basis for self sustainability through the sale of the raw product.

The skills centre/musallah under construction

Phase 3 envisages the installation of milling equipment so that the maize and sorghum grown in the fields can be converted for human consumption and the mill can be used to grind the crops of neighbouring farmers as well.

This is another long term, self sustaining investment project of Salaam Foundation that seeks to maximize the potential outcome of charitable contributions.

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