As a result of 75 years of occupation by the Zionist state of Israel, Palestinian armed groups launched large scale attacks from the Gaza Strip on 7 October 2023. The coordinated attacks resulted in many Israeli soldiers, armed police officers and settlers loosing their lives.

In response, Israel has sealed off the Gaza Strip, cut the electricity, water and food supply, and activated an aerial attack using advanced fighter jets, pummeling and destroying entire neighbourhoods in the coastal sliver.

The indiscriminate attacks have killed a huge amount of Palestinians including innocent, men, women, children and the elderly.  It has become a grotesque case of collective punishment with some analysts calling it an unfolding genocide and ethnic cleansing.

Visuals from Gaza show the the region looking as if a massive earthquake has hit. Israel has now threatened a ground offensive with tanks, artillery and armoured vehicles amassing on the Gaza borders.

International agencies are warning of a humanitarian catastrophe as 280 000 Palestinians have already lost their homes and many more have been forced to flee their places of residence.

Salaam Foundation has initiated our humanitarian emergency response plan to help provide basic food, hygiene and bedding material to the innocent who are currently suffering in this devastating situation and will continue to suffer for the foreseeable future.

For Muslim donors, kindly write in the notes before payment, if this is a zakat or sadaqa/lillah, donation.


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