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Staff reporters | 02 November 2021 | Image

Madagascar is the world’s fourth largest island with a unique ecosystem. This island is now on the brink of a famine as a result of climate change. For two consecutive seasons there has been little to no rain. And now close a million people are starving, literally.

They are quickly moving to a state of absolute poverty. Only 15% of the country has electricity and so they are among the lowest contributors to greenhouse emissions yet they are possibly the first country in the world to suffer a famine as a result of climate change.

The droughts have had a disastrous impact on agriculture and forced people to resort to desperate survival measures, such as eating locusts, raw red cactus fruits or wild leaves.

In some shocking cases people are known to be boiling and eating the leather of shoes and belts to survive.

We need your help to help our neighbours in Madagascar. Help us send a container load of food aid. We also require cash donations to purchase products in Madagascar.

Contribute to:

Salaam Foundation

FNB 62669147665

Branch 250 737

Ref: MAD/UH + your name (zakat/lillah/sadaqa)

Online payments can be made here.

Zakat used in applicable circumstances.



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