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A major food crisis coupled with serious economic woes in Zimbabwe drew the Salaam Foundation team to assess first-hand what our neighbors were experiencing. A country said to be experiencing a humanitarian disaster seeing 7 million people in need of aid. This forms part of a larger food and instability problem in Southern Africa.

People of Zimbabwe were eating wild fruits in the rural areas just to survive which causes all sorts of secondary health issues have been reported on. There are people earning as little as ZWL 200 or R185 a month. Bread costs ZWL 20 a loaf making it a luxury for most.

The team went through to assess and assist in helping in a food sustainability project. We want to assist a local community in developing some land so that they can plant seeds and harvest, get them the necessary pesticides, farming implements and equipment to till their land.

February – Following our visit and intervention on the farming site in Zimbabwe cultivated by Sheikh Ilyas Faki, the maize crop was now in a much better condition. This will allow the local run organisation to generate its own funding to assist in its programmes and orphan care.

5.3 million people are in acute need of humanitarian assistance in Zimbabwe.

These sustainable assistance programmes are in desperate need as people simply do not have money to purchase bread, let alone pesticides and insecticides.

A food sustainability project to help our neighbors.

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