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26 August 2020 | Salaam Foundation

The Gaza Strip was again pounded by Israeli airstrikes last night amid a 48 hour Covid 19 lockdown in the coastal strip.

Palestinians have had to deal with the dual effects of impending war and the fear of the coronavirus spreading as 4 cases were announced outside of the official quarantine spaces.

There has been relative silence from the world as the economic strangulation of the siege has now been multiplied as a result of the lockdown effects.

Residents are literally trapped between a rock and hard place and are expecting their living conditions to deteriorate even further.

The bombardments by Israel have continued almost on a daily basis since the 6 August 2020. The Israeli claim to be retaliating against so called fire bombs which are actually devices fitted to balloons, inflated condoms or plastic bags. These have reportedly started fires in southern Israel.

Salaam Foundation has sent out an emergency appeal to appeal for funds to supply food aid and covid hygiene packs to impoverished Gaza residents.

Break silence and help us raise the awareness and support for the suffering in Palestine.

Donate directly to:

Salaam Foundation

FNB 62669147665

Branch 250 737

Ref: Pal + name (Zakat/Lillah/Sadaqa)


You could also contact Fatima Sookharia on 072 122 8400 and help us sell face masks for just R10. These funds will be used for this campaign.

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