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Salaam Foundation | 25 October 2018

The use of technology in classrooms has already taken learning and teaching to new levels. However, learners in many South African schools still require additional support from private tutors in order to give them the added edge in their studies.

Tutoring, particularly in mathematics, is extremely expensive and many learners will not have the opportunity to gain this advantage.

Enter the Salaam Foundation E-Classroom particularly setup for orphanages.

Every Wednesday between 3:30pm and 4pm, expert mathematics teacher, Zeenat Kajee, conducts a mathematics lesson at the Salaamedia radio studios. This is broadcast live on the Salaamedia page in video format where learners can see exactly what is happening as if in a classroom setting. The learners can also interact with teacher Zeenat through the comments section on the live video stream.

On Wednesday, 24 Ocotber 2018, Salaam Foundation installed a laptop system to a wall mounted television screen at the Sautul Islam Girls Orphanage in Welverdiend, Carltonville, South Africa. Here 78 children live under the guidance of house mum, Hasina Basha.

Monitoring and assisting the girls in various grades in their school homework has been difficult for her. “We put them into groups to help each other when they come home from school. In class some of them are affected by peer pressure. They are shy to ask the questions they need to in class. So yes this system of an online classroom will really help.”

You can assist us in installing more of these E-Classrooms in other orphanages. This will cost in the region of R20 000 for the laptop, television, connectivity tools, delivery and installation.

As a donor you could contribute the entire amount or part of it.

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