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Salaam Foundation | 13 February 2019

A 3 man team of Salaam Foundation cyclists along with support staff successfully completed the 1500km journey in January 2019 in aid of South African learners in rural and disadvantaged schools. This is the third consecutive year that this campaign has taken place.

Supported by Frimax Foods, the group made up of Zaheer Pahad, Azhar Vadi, Ali Kandulu and Ebrahim Essay passed through Maputo, Komaitpoort, Nelspruit, Barbeton, Ermelo, Volksrust, Newcastle, Harrismith, Bethlehem, Bloemfontein, Welkom, Kroonstad and Roshnee. 

Along the route they visited schools and educational institutes speaking to learners and motivating them towards striving for a better South Africa

“We brought 3 important messages to the learners,” said Salaam Foundation director Azhar Vadi. “Firstly we want learners to look after their existing institutions. When someone breaks the tap or window, it takes tax money to fix it up. Secondly we want learners to stop littering and to start picking up papers that are laying on floors and put them in the bin. Lastly we want all learners to respect their teachers.”

The situation in some areas that the group experienced once again proved the desperation that many South African learners face.

Along with Colours of Hope, the team visited the Jobstown Primary School in rural Newcastle. Pit toilets without doors forced learners to relieve themselves in an undignified manner. Some learners as young as 6 years old had to walk up to 6km to and from school every day. 

Through the efforts of the journey 300 learners will receive school shoes and stationery packs are still required to assist as many as possible.

To contribute to the stationery campaign, donors can contact the Colours of Hope and for school shoes donors can donate towards:

Salaam Foundation, FNB, 62669147665, Ref: shoes

For a Section 18A tax certificate please email,



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