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Fundraising with Madressah Ibaadur Rahmaan

Madressah Ibaadur Rahman is an Islamic learning centre that caters for children in the primary and secondary phases. It runs online programmes as well as in-person classes in Norwood, Johannesburg.

Below you will find listed the names of all the students at the institution. Each child has undertaken to raise funds either through a direct appeal or through participating in a challenge. As an example, a learner could say, “For every juz of Quraan I read, I would like you to donate R10”. Or,  “I will be cycling 50km this Sunday, for every kilometer I finish I’d like you to donate R10”.

The donations via Salaam Foundation will be used for the Turkiye/Syria earthquake relief programme. You may click on the name of the child related to you and add to their tally. Please make you sure you indicate the name of the child and whether your donation is Zakaat, Lillah or Sadaqah in the notes at the CHECKOUT when making the payment through our online portal. 

Salaam Foundation has been at the helm of relief and recovery work in the earthquake region. with your support we can continue to carry out many more phases of assistance.

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