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05 August 2021 | Salaam Foundation

The unrest and violence that rocked South Africa during July 2021, particularly in the Kwazulu-Natal province, has scarred the psyche of our nation forever.

Not only has it left a trail of human grief with 337 people dead, but millions more have been affected negatively through the loss of livelihoods.

45000 businesses, both large and small, have been destroyed. 129 000 jobs have been lost, each one of those previously salaried individuals fed families and extended families.

Salaam Foundation has embarked on a sustainable method to help rebuild KZN. As best as we can, would have the intention of assisting verified and assessed local business to restart with seed capital.

If these businesses can get on to their feet again, it will mean that people can get employment and they in turn can contribute to the economic cycle. This is possible the largest challenge South Africa faces at the moment.

We call on you to contribute towards this course.

Salaam Foundation

FNB 62 66 9147 665

Branch 250 757

Ref: KZN + your name (zakat/lillah/sadaqa)

Section 18A certificates are available on request. Zakat used in applicable circumstances.



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